Old habits are not good for your skin, if they are not helpful   Whatever made you choose natural products in the first place is what guides you next to complete your life style with all the rest – some healthy ingredients you need, inside and out. Benefit more from getting rid of old habits that no longer serve you well. This is summertime, this is the right time to shed light on what you no longer need in your life. It is called growth, and there is nothing wrong with leaving the old you behind and getting closer to the innate you. Be natural, it's the only way As ..
Facial ‘flaws’ that are now considered sexy
Beauty ideals are always shifting, and we’re big fans of that. Call us optimists, but before long we think we’ll be living in a world where every single person’s unique beauty will be appreciated. So long as we can all keep ignoring the dumb things a small subset of men seem intent to write on the internet. Maybe before long we’ll live in a world where all their keyboards are taken away. Ah, utopia. What we have here is a list of a few things that not so long ago were considered facial flaws that are now considered sexy features. Read on to see if you lay claim to any of them, and learn..
Premier Dead Sea’s Superior Skin Care
Our customers tell us they love Gratiae skin care products because they respect the skin, and contain only the best ingredients nature has to offer. Our products also offer an effortless way to achieve younger looking, more beautiful skin. Premier Dead Sea has the same philosophy as us when it comes to skin care since their range also relies on the power of nature in products – giving them an unparalleled ability to rejuvenate and renew. Award-winning products Premier Dead Sea has won many awards for its innovative and effective beauty products, especially when it comes to anti-agei..
Skincare for every stage in life
A good skin care regime is essential for every age in your life, as is healthy eating and exercise. As your skin changes as you get older you need to master skincare techniques to meet the challenges. Caring for skin in your 20s Skin in your 20s will be wrinkle-free and smooth, without sagging. During these years adopt a lifestyle that will keep it that way for the long term. Develop a daily skincare ritual of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, and always take your make up off before you sleep. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub or us Gratiae’s Purifying Exfoliating Facial Cleanser or R..
Send your skin to ‘bootcamp’
Strip back a complicated regime and turn to a clean, simple, sensitive regime for a week and you’ll soon notice the difference. Just like exercise improves your body tone and fitness, the right cocktail of skin care will do the same thing for your skin. No matter what condition your skin’s in, it will benefit from proper cleansing. How you prepare your skin for treatment is as imperative as the products you use. Wash your face morning and night. This will help shrink pores and regulate oil production, even out skin tone and prevent breakouts. It may be tempting to slip into the shee..
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Your hands also need a helping hand
Are you someone who takes your hands for granted, thinking that they’re not as important as your face or your figure? Well, think about it for a minute. Do you use your hands to gesture when you’re speaking? Do you wave your hands in greeting, shake hands with others to show courtesy, or hold hands with a loved one to show—love? Unless you walk around with your hands in your pockets all the time, people are going to notice your hands, and if you’re not including them in your beauty regimen, they’re going to send a message that you’re getting older, even if your face says otherwise. Your..
When worlds (or eras) collide
Technology is great. What would we ever do without our microwaves, our computers, our smartphones, and all those other things that make life easier and more complicated at the same time? And think about how technology has advanced the field of skin care! Or has it? Some people think that the old ways are the best ways, and others swear by all the synthetic ingredients that modern science has been able to create. But Gratiae has the most logical approach to skin care: take the best of ancient methods and combine with the best of modern science to create the ideal formula for rejuvenating ski..
When it comes to men’s skin, neglect is not an option
Historically, men haven’t always gone for the smooth, clean-shaven look. Facial hair was the predominant style for centuries, and who knows how—or why—some ancient guy got the idea to pick up something sharp and scrape all the hair off his face. Maybe he thought all that facial hair was too hot, or it got in the way when he was eating. Or maybe he wanted to recapture his boyish good looks. In any case, shaving became a daily ritual for all men who didn’t go for the hairy face look, and today’s man still follows that ritual, complaining all the way. Proper shaving techniques One of t..
Three Graces--the legend behind the legendary
Ancient civilizations—Greeks and Romans in particular--were known for being especially creative when it came to explaining natural phenomena such as the seasons, thunderstorms, the sun and the moon, and even love. According to stories from these cultures, everything that happened could be attributed to, or blamed on, an assemblage of major and minor gods and goddesses. Who’s their daddy? Each mythological deity had control on a specific element of Nature, but Jupiter was the head guy, according to the Romans. He was very powerful, but not always morally perfect, and he “begat” three..
The thermal approach to radiant skin
Who doesn’t love that warm glow you feel at the end of a romantic movie with a satisfying outcome? Or the warm glow from a cozy fireplace, accented with a cup of hot chocolate with melting marshmallows floating on top? How about the warm glow that fills a room that is lit only by candles? There are all kinds of ways to give yourself a warm glow, but have you ever thought about what a warm glow can do for your complexion? Warmth as a skin rejuvenator One of the popular treatments at spas these days is the application of heat to the skin, combined with massage, to open pores, stimulat..
The oil that isn’t an oil
  Jojoba is a funny name, and if you don’t know better, you might not say it right. The J is actually pronounced with an H sound, so you sort of laugh like Santa Claus—Ho Ho—then say Bah, like Ebenezer Scrooge. It’s a bit of a clash of traditional Christmas sentiments, when you think about it. But Jojoba is more than a funny name; jojoba oil is an ingredient in many Gratiae products, and for lots of very good reasons.   The wonder of jojoba oil   So jojoba oil is a product of seeds from the jojoba tree, but the actual truth is that it isn’t really an oil a..
Bad beauty habits to bin once and for all
There are some bad beauty habits we just can’t seem to ban, common culprits being nail-biting and forgetting to take make-up off at night. This year make a point of ditching some of your beauty no-no’s for good. ·         Failing to wear adequate sun protection has got to be one of the biggest beauty faux pas there is, not to mention a health risk. All the body including the face and lips needs to be protected using a high factor sunscreen. By investing in a moisturizer or foundation that contains SPF you’ll be protected even if you forget once in..
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