Ritualize your beauty routine

For some people, success depends on some kind of ritual. Whether it’s a writer who will only work in his underwear, or a hockey team whose fans throw octopuses on the ice during a game, ritual becomes a key ingredient to achieving a goal. Sometimes rituals are based on superstition, but in the case of maintaining beautiful, youthful skin, a specific ritual is essential to achieving your beauty goals.

Necessary elements of an effective beauty ritual

The fundamental elements of a beauty ritual are pretty simple: cleanse, moisturize, and apply sunscreen in the morning, and cleanse and moisturize in the evening before you go to bed. In addition, you should exfoliate regularly to keep dead skin cells from building up.
As simple as this routine is, a surprising number of people don’t even follow these basic steps on a regular basis. As a result, their skin tends to build up layers of dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells while becoming dehydrated at the same time. This leads to skin that looks tired, dull, and subject to all sorts of problems. It’s hard to understand why anyone would sacrifice healthy, beautiful skin when just a minimum amount of effort is all it takes to maintain a great complexion.

Beyond the basics

For really great skin, you can step up your beauty ritual by adding a few specialty skin products to enhance your skin and take years off. Along with Gratiae cleansers and moisturizers, Gratiae Ultrox Expression Marks Anti-Wrinkle Serum and Cream are two products that deliver a one-two punch to bring your skin back to its youthful vitality. The special Ultrox formula of organic ingredients and thermo-mineral water from the “Three Graces” spring is targeted to restore the vitality to your skin that age and bad habits have taken away. Yes, it does take a little extra effort to get the most dramatic results, but it’s definitely worth it.