It's written in stone: why a volcanic stone is so good for your

As a well cared woman, you probably ran into some crazy beauty techniques in your journey to find that perfect skin care tool. But what many of our clients mention is that they've never heard about a volcanic stone as a way of taking care of your skin.

The Lava secrets

You may know by now that we in GRATiAE are great believers in the power of nature. We think – no, we KNOW – nature has all the secrets for getting that amazing, smooth, wrinkle free skin. That's how we discovered the wonderful abilities of the volcanic stones.
Originated from a well-kept volcano in a secret location, out volcanic stone are genuine and made out of lava, then hand sculpted and designed to give a facial massage that not only relaxes you and your skin, but also works on the inner layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells and smoothen the skin.

How to use GRATiAE's volcanic stone?

It's actually very easy – just ran the stone over you face, gently, and let it do it's magic. While you gently massage your face – the volcanic stone releases tension and prevents new wrinkles from appearing. You can also heat it with some warm water or vise a versa – depending on how you like it. After using it you may notice how the stone changes its color and darkened – that because it's absorbing oil and dirt from your skin. After you finish, just make sure to clean the stone with some water. Enjoy!