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Organic Beauty by Nature

In 2 century AD, in northern Israel, Roman Emperor Hadrian is discovered a small mineral-rich thermal spring near the Sea Galilee. He named this spring Gratiae (Grace) after the Roman Goddesses of Charm, Beauty and Fertility.

The springs’ water, that erupt at up to 125°, are rich with therapeutic and rejuvenating properties gained world fame with their amazing effect on the skin, regaining its beauty and youth.

People from all over the world seek the powers of this special spring and bathe in its revitalizing water. GRATiAE—Organic Beauty by Nature— is an anti-aging skin care line that challenges the effects of time on our skin. Its products include a winning blend of Gratiae’s thermal spring water and its exclusive minerals, flora that is unique to the Sea of Galilee area, and organic plants.

The GRATiAE line is specially designed for both men and women who care about true quality and appreciate natural, organic, and healthy skin-care products. With GRATiAE your skin will glow with health and inner beauty.

Welcome to the world of GRATiAE —The world of The Three Graces

Research & Development

When you look for organic and natural skin care GRATiAE is your perfect choice. We present the perfect combination between science and nature with products that comprise the best of nature and the most advanced scientific research. We specify oils and plant extracts and fuse them with the Gratiae Thermo mineral water to reach optimum results.
We also combine the ancient knowledge of plants, herbs and oils, the values of natural organic farming, and modern day technologies to create the winning formulas of GRATiAE.

Laboratories & Manufacturing

We developed our very own manufacturing process using state-of-the-art equipment and laboratory facilities The Gratiae line of products is produced with the utmost attention to details. Our products maintain the highest quality standards thanks to our state of the art, hygienic, hi-tech laboratory and manufacturing facilities. In addition, we conduct regular technical tests, quality tests and compatibility tests on a regular basis.

About GRATiAE International

GRATIAE is an international brand with sales in Canada, United States, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal, France, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, South Africa,Russia, Ukraine and more.