In 2 century, AD, Roman Emperor Hadrian is discovered a small mineral-rich thermal spring near the Sea Galilee. He named this spring Gratiae (Grace) after the Roman Goddesses of Charm, Beauty and Fertility.

The springs water, that erupt at up to 125° Fahrenheit, are rich with therapeutic and rejuvenating properties that have gained world fame with their amazing effect on the skin, regaining its beauty and youth.


People from the Roman empire traveled to seek the powers of this special spring and bathe in its revitalizing waters. GRATiAE Organic Beauty by Nature is an anti-aging skin care line that challenges the effects of time on our skin.

Its products include a winning blend of Gratiae’s thermal spring water and its exclusive minerals, flora that is unique with organic plants.


Welcome to the world of GRATiAE —The world of The Three Graces