Eco Friendly


Social and Environmental Responsibility

Along with our care for the health of your body we also care for the world and hold ethical approach to manufacturing, as well as special emphasis on our sources of organic materials. It is to ensure that crops are not planted on cleared tracts of rain forests. We give preference to fair trade produce and there is no child labor involved in any part of the process, from crop to yield. We are 100% committed to creating products with environmental responsibility and integrity.

Our Eco Friendly Approach

We have always expressed our concern in relation to environmental issues and continuously strive to protect our beautiful planet and the people who depend on it. We are committed to values of sustainability we seek only natural and organic materials and utilize our planet’s resources wisely.
As a sign to our commitment to the environment we received in 2005 the “Guardian of the environment” seal.

Our products are sold in an eco-friendly bag which naturally decomposes and completely incinerates without any production of poisonous pollutants.

eco friendly