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Ultrox Expression Marks Thermal Self Heating Mask
Ultrox Expression Marks Thermal Self Heating Mask
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Reenergize and revitalize tired, dull skin. This superior lifting mask treatment contains a beautiful blend of minerals, clay, flora, oats, and essential oils that react and heat up to draw away dead skin cells, impurities, pore-clogging dirt, and excess sebum. This purification process brightens skin and opens up skin to it can take in the lifting effects of the serum and cream in the complete Ultrox Treatment.

50ml e 1.7Fl.oz.

• Superior Lifting • Revitalizing • Firming • Anti-Aging


Use this mask once or twice a week. After you wash your face, leave skin damp. Apply the mask onto your skin by gently massaging it into skin. As you massage it in, the mask will react with the water and begin to heat up. Allow the mask to heat up and then cool down. Once the heating phase ends, rinse the mask away and pat it dry. Follow the mask treatment with the Ultrox Serum and Cream to maintain smooth, radiant, and healthy-looking skin. 

This mask contains kaolin, zeolite, essential oils, and organic botanicals. Kaolin and zeolite cleanse skin and lift away impurities while botanicals like myrtle leaf extract unclog pores and astringes pores. Essential oils replenish, reenergize, and rehydrate unbalanced skin for softer, smoother skin. 

To get the best results, apply the regenerative Ultrox Expression Marks Anti-Wrinkle Serum before you apply the cream. To target and treat deep fine lines and wrinkles, take the Ultrox Expression Marks Facial Wrinkle Filler and gently tap it and massage it into areas of concern.

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