We believe that organics are good for you simply because the basics are better. Half of what we put into our lives affects our bodies and minds can affect our everyday lives and overall future. We believe natural ingredients are the best for our bodies and that nature is the one true healer to bring us back to ourselves.

You should love your skin and what you put on it. The GRATiAE team believes that making good choices leads us to feeling good from the inside out. We take responsibility for all that we do and all that we benefit.

For that reason, we consider all and any feedback to our go-to way when we evaluate how we’re doing. Our good feedback lets us know that we’re reaching out goals and fulfilling our philosophy. Anything less allows us to know how we can change for the better. If you have anything that you’d like to take the time to say, please feel free. Your words are our graces.

I bought 2 products on my last trip to the United States and they are simply fantastic. I found the products in the Wodbury Premium Outlet NY and the seller was simply fantastic as well as the products of that brand.
Jeniffer on Jul 26, 2017 From: Sao Paulo, Brazil 5
I used the peeling gel and it's amazing my skin looks so bright . It's feeel smooth and didn't break out my skin I love this product I discover in NICE
Rena on Jul 19, 2017 From: New Jersey , United States 5
Thank you, Chelsie, for helping me to get a replacement product quickly and without any problems. Chelsie represents her company well with her excellent customer service and pleasant demeanor. She was very helpful in resolving my problem. I appreciate her promptness and willingness to help!
Sydney on May 11, 2017 From: FL, United States 5
These products are amazing, but their customer service is second to none. I had a great experience with their representative Chelsie. She ensured my order arrived promptly, but more importantly answered all my questions with such a pleasant attitude. Gratiae thanks for making products that truly work!
Mario on Apr 22, 2017 From: Florida, United States 5
I LOVE LOVE Gratiae!! I've been using it since 2015! Best Christmas present ever. Chelsie gave wonderful suggestions and was very helpful. I am very pleased with this company and with Chelsie. Thank you for giving me such great advice and customer service!
Fabulous Kimberly on Apr 03, 2017 From: Texas, United States 5
Chelsie is the best!! She goes above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service and satisfaction :)
Kim on Mar 09, 2017 From: WI, United States 5
I LOVE Gratiae products! Could not have been pleased more with their customer satisfaction!!
Phyllis on Mar 02, 2017 From: AR, United States 5
I started using Gratiae several years ago and I tried to use a little at a time; the I used the Lifting Facial Serum and eye Serum; Great Products and at my age (close to 70) I needed make sure i could still receive products! I did get my order! Great customer service!
Jacqueline E. Baloca on Feb 07, 2017 From: CA - California, United States 5
I would just like to thank Chelsie for her excellent customer service in helping me get a replacement product quickly and without any problems!! She responded quickly to my request and was very helpful in resolving my problem. I appreciate her promptness and willingness to help!! Thanks again Chelsie :))
Kim on Jan 18, 2017 From: WI, United States 5
I received sea salt scrub, body butter and nail kit as a gift from my husband. The products are amazing and my skin has never felt this silky! The hand cream leaves my hands feeling soft without being greasy and it feels amazing. I have very sensitive skin, most products elicit a reaction from perfumes or ingredients that irritate. Not Gratiae! I can only use certain products because of my sensitivity, Gratiae is definitely top of my list now!
Jamie on Jan 10, 2017 From: Indiana, United States 5
Chelsie to the rescue! Had an issue with an on-line overbilling and called the company the next day. Chelsie came to my rescue and promptly issued a refund of the overcharge. Great products, great company, thank you Chelsie!
Diane on Dec 14, 2016 From: Wisconsin, United States 5
Gratiae products are excellent!!!! The staff working there though are second to none!! Honest and hard working it's what makes me chose the company over others! Keep up the good work!!
Christina Tsianti on Oct 13, 2016 From: Surrey, United Kingdom 5
I would like to thank Chelsie for the outstanding service she provided me with today! Chelsie took time to listen to my "problem", which may I point out had nothing to do with the products. There was a full solution after a short conversation and I'm pleased with the outcome! Lovely and sincere person to deal with! Thank you again
Christina Tsianti on Sep 26, 2016 From: Surrey, United Kingdom 5
I am extremely happy with the Gratiae products over the years. I feel like the facial products have actually reversed the aging process. The customer service is excellent and the products are shipped and received rather quickly.
Julie on Aug 18, 2016 From: Florida, United States 5
Product: GRATiAE AHA Cleansing and Peeling Foam. I have been using this product as a facial cleanser for over six years. This product outshines any cleansing product I have used and now that I just turned 70 (young 70) this year, I have tried many. I believe the name may shy away many from trying it. It sounds as if it is a product you use once or twice a week and leave on as some cleansing mask recommend. This is not the case, you cleanse morning and night and rinse. No leaving on to dry into a peel mask. It is an amazing product. It rinses easily and quickly, no dryness after effect. If you try it, you will love it.
Secondly, I cannot say enough about the Customer Service at GRATiAE. Several agents have been very helpful over the years, making sure I do order correct products I am looking for. During this recent order, Inna could not have been more helpful. She and the company have gone overboard to make a leakage shipment right. Their delivery service has always been fast and packaging has been so eloquently done. I just love this company.
Linda Dickerson on Jul 17, 2016 From: Georgia, United States 5
I love, love the facial serum and I purchased it in Las Vegas while we were on a trip. I loved it from day one
Percilla Newberry on Jan 31, 2016 From: Texas, United States 5
I have really sensitive skin and I'm glad that these works.
Rena on Mar 15, 2015 From: United States 5
The eye fluid made my eyes cloudy, but it didn't make my eyes burn. You really only need a tiny amount. The woman at the store tried to tell me that I needed a lot. :\
Felicia on Mar 11, 2015 From: South Carolina, United States 3
the masks..facials...body butters are great!! whether online or in store i can always find something great at Gratiae!! the only problem with these online purchases is I have to wait....
the cool merchandise and the great promotions and discounts make up for it!! if you have ANY trouble online a wonderful customer care specialist is there to help and they will do anything they can to acommodate you!
TinaG on Mar 08, 2015 From: United States 4
Gratiae always has a great selection of items online, and the shipping is free if you order over $50 worth of stuff. the shipping is pretty fast and only once did I have had customer service issues to resolve.
It's incredibly easy to get ahold of the correct person when you call and talk to their customer service department. I will of course continue to buy there.
Mel on Mar 06, 2015 From: United States 5
The items alone are pricey but the collections are a good deal.
Ginny on Mar 01, 2015 From: United States 5
The nail kits make my nails look amazing and hands feel so soft
Christina on Feb 28, 2015 From: United States 4
I am a man and I like the facial serums. I have no shame in that.
Mark on Feb 21, 2015 From: United States 5
everything is really pricey, but still pretty nice for the fact that it's organic.
Rachel on Feb 10, 2015 From: Kansas, United States 3
I had issues with the site one day. It was very annoying. Fortunately, I was able to call the sales office and I got an order placed! yay!
melissa on Feb 04, 2015 From: United States 4
I bought the volcanic stone by the recommendation of the phone sales clerk. I was skeptical… But wow, it works like a dream!
Kathy on Feb 03, 2015 From: United States 4
I love this website and buy my skincare from here all the time. Special offers are great! The prices are not the lowest on the market but I find that when carefully calculating special offers and the quality and size of my purchases, it's fair anough. It's a very good website, with an awesome collection of skincare and body products.
Natalie on Feb 01, 2015 From: Nevada, United States 4
why is the website hard to navigate i want to find my stuff
Tamara on Jan 30, 2015 From: CO, United States 4
I live in the UK and I couldn't find any of the specific products here. I called the USA offices and they were able to ship internationally! DREAM!
Louise on Jan 22, 2015 From: United Kingdom 4
I got my renewing facial peel a day earlier than expected! Now my skin looks super bright. Thank you!
Angela Reed on Jan 20, 2015 From: IN, United States 4
I use the brightening spot treatment and my age spots look so mcuh better. Kelley from Customer service was so nice too!
Wanda on Jan 19, 2015 From: AR, United States 5
really nice stuff
Valerie on Jan 12, 2015 From: United States 5
So they had the organic eye serum which is AMAZING because I have sensitive skin. It rebuilt the skin on my eyes! It’s no longer red and puffy. It’s smooth now! And my wrinkles are disappearing every day.
Amy G on Jan 06, 2015 From: OR, United States 5
I got the nail kit, but then my buffing block fell apart! I sent an email to customer service through the website and I got a reply the same day saying that the buffing blocks have a lifetime warranty, and they offered to give me a call so they could send another one! So nice!
Evelyn Phillips on Jan 04, 2015 From: United States 4
I love the honey massage gel, body butters, and salt scrubs! They all work well to soothe my dry skin.
Jackie on Dec 16, 2014 From: Georgia, United States 4
The Salt Scrub and Body Butter pairs are so nice and they smell so sweet! I got the Green Tea, Apple, and Ginger scented one and the scent is so heavenly.
Judy on Dec 10, 2014 From: PA, United States 4
I'm glad that my eye area is looking better! The store location was pushy, but the online store is nice
LoAnne on Dec 04, 2014 From: NY, United States 3
The body butters smell soooooo good
Kelly C on Dec 03, 2014 From: MI, United States 3
My mom bought me the Brightening spot treatment for my acne scars and WOW. It works so well! :D
Sara on Nov 19, 2014 From: NY, United States 4
The Complete Ultrox Collection Kit was SO pricey but VERY worth it. When the sales woman (I can’t remember her name) told me that it was all organic, I didn’t believe her. But then I looked it up! It’s organic!
Anna Powel on Nov 12, 2014 From: WV, United States 5
The cleansers are so gentle and effective
Hilda on Nov 09, 2014 From: SC, United States 4
I always get wonderful service! Thank you, Kelley!
fiona on Nov 06, 2014 From: Washington, United States 5
This stuff really is organic
Vanessa on Nov 02, 2014 From: Florida, United States 4
I bought my husband the complete care set for men and he really likes it, but he wouldn’t want anyone to know it! (sorry, honey)
Judy T on Oct 26, 2014 From: TN, United States 4
I got some good recommendations from the live chat! Thank you!
Suzie on Oct 14, 2014 From: Illinois, United States 5
the volcanic stone is a nice thing to use to put on a mask or moisturizer
Meg on Oct 02, 2014 From: NV, United States 5
I have really sensitive skin and I told the sales person so when she tried to show me a product. Apparently everything is natural and organic so I tried the lifting serum and it works really well! My skin isn’t red or broken out so I’d use it again.
Jennifer Nelson on Oct 01, 2014 From: MO, United States 4
I’m not sure why everyone else doesn’t do it, but the volcanic stone is the perfect thing to use for applying cream - WOW!
Diane on Oct 01, 2014 From: United States 5