During their two-decade-long reign, The Premier Group has sustained a spot in the skincare industry by creating lines that suit different skincare needs. Internationally available, Premier Group takes elements from amazing seas, organic botanicals, and treasured materials.
Premier Dead Sea
 The Dead Sea is a legendary landmark. It’s harsh, briny water cannot support major life, yet anyone who takes soak in the waters will find themselves floating on the surface with ease and they will emerge from the waters completely renewed and rejuvenated. 
Once fought for by Roman and Egyptian empires for centuries, the Dead Sea is now a protected resource for health and beauty. The Last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra, took the Dead Sea for herself in order to maintain her stunning appearance. As the Pharaoh reigned and held her reputation for beauty, she famously spoke of the Dead Sea as the top resource that she could acquire for her unrelenting beauty. 
Premier scientists and skincare professionals have been on a quest to innovate cosmetics and skincare as the world knows it. The resources of the Dead Sea include the concentrated salts, potent black mud, and rare Dunaliella seaweed. Each element is known to beautify skin, reverse the skin’s aging process, heal ailments, and alleviate aches and pains. The minerals in the salt and black mud have also been known to treat eczema and psoriasis. Premier Dead Sea refines all the elements from the Dead Sea until there is nothing left but the nourishing treasures that it contains, as such Premier's products are nature at is best
For twenty years, Premier Dead Sea has reinvented and innovated skincare with the wisdom of the Dead Sea. Premier Dead Sea takes all of the minerals from the salts, the extracts of botanicals, and black mud of the sea that surround the area of the sea so they can be refined to perfection. The scientists continue to research and innovate and in 2013, Premier Dead Sea released SUPREME with all new formulas, findings, and elements. 
Premier Dead Sea is the leading and most renowned Dead Sea brand in over 70 countries. Premier Dead Sea also takes the title of “Guardian of the Environment” as the brand takes environmentally friendly choices while being 100% free of animal products and animal testing. Premier Dead Sea brand keeps it’s love for nature close, but the love for it’s clients closer, check out Premier’s Dead Sea review here
GRATiAE Organics
Our namesake comes from Roman Emperor Hadrian, who discovered a small mineral-rich thermal spring near the Sea Galilee while he expanded the Roman Empire. He named this spring GRATiAE (Grace) after the Roman Goddesses of Charm, Beauty, and Fertility. These springs erupt to temperatures as high as 125 degrees and the waters are rich with therapeutic properties. Thermo-mineral water from the hot springs contain the best minerals to rejuvenate skin and those who soak in the waters emerge renewed and feeling younger than ever. Organic botanicals are also a key component to our GRATiAE line. Our cold-pressed botanical oils contain a potency that can nourish skin and diminish wrinkles, erasing the signatures of times passed. 
The world’s finest scientists and the world’s purest skincare come together to create GRATiAE, Organic Beauty by Nature. This collection is composed by state-of-the-art technology with selected certified organic ingredients and thermo-mineral water. Innovated approaches hone the elements that make nature so wise.
With respectable skincare comes responsible approaches. GRATiAE maintains an ethical approach to manufacturing and sowing of our sources of organic materials to ensure that crops are not planted on cleared tracts of rainforests. We give preference to certified fair-trade produce and herbs. Each manufacturing site is environmentally friendly, all ingredients are ozone friendly, and our products are sold in an eco-friendly bag that naturally decomposes and completely incinerates without any production of poisonous pollutants. All products are also cruelty-free and nothing is tested on animals to ensure that our furry friends can have a happy existence.  GRATiAE has been give the title of “Guardian of the Environment” for all of the hard work that is put into responsibly manufacturing the line.
GRATiAE is becoming a leading and most renowned organic anti-aging brand in over 40 countries. GRATiAE caters to both women and men who appreciate natural, organic, and healthy skin-care products, and delivers results of unparalleled luxury. With GRATiAE, the basics become beneficial with the environment and the faces of many looking more beautiful than ever.
Gold Elements 
Gold has been used by the most elite in skincare for over thousands of years. Scientists and skincare experts agree that gold has the properties to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin, making skin firmer and suppler. It can also lift away any dead skin cells in a much more effective, yet gentler manner than other exfoliating skin treatments. All skin types benefit in appearance from this uniquely stimulating and soothing material and the residual reflective particles cause light to dance across the skin, minimizing blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines.
For over thousands of years, genuine gold has been used in all cultures to glamour the human body. Long admired for its ability to remain untarnished by time, pure gold endures as the ultimate natural element. Gold continues as a source of inspiration, artistry, creativity, charisma, and of course, enduring love. It sustains our senses and fires our imagination.
Now, golden skincare is made widely available. The world’s most luxurious material is available in moisturizers, cleansers, masks, and other items that can be found on the market. Pure gold is the key, however, as anything other than 24k is laced with other metals that can oxidize and harm skin. 
In the United States, both women and men have are able to reap the wonders that gold has to offer, whether it’s in their jewelry cabinet or in their skincare. Gold Elements has been bringing the brilliance of gold back to the masses in over 20 countries and all products are not only environmentally and animal friendly, but all gold is harvested in responsible ways. 
 All Gold Elements products are naturally made and only the finest gold is used. Animal-testing is not conducted in order to develop the perfect beauty products and animal products are not used either.