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35% OFF + Hand Made Soap | Applies At Checkout
Volcanic Stone
Volcanic Stone
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Neatly polished and specially designed for facial massage, this genuine volcanic stone takes facial treatment to new depths. The stone works on the inner, subcutaneous layer of the skin, removing impurities and toxins from it. Massaging the face with the stone on a daily basis can alleviate the forming of tension lines and avoid new wrinkles from appearing. The stone may be heated with warm water or cooled with cold water, depending on your massage preference.

Length: 3 inch


• Superior Lifting • Revitalizing • Firming • Anti-Aging

Massage Technique:
Apply the cream onto your face and allow a few seconds for the cream to absorb your body heat. Use the volcanic stone to massage your skin in long, light strokes over the entire face. Smooth the skin as though you were “ironing” out the wrinkles using upwards movements. Finish up by massaging your face in soft, circular movements. Repeat daily.

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