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35% OFF + Hand Made Soap | Applies At Checkout
Soin Blanc Brightening Serum
Soin Blanc Brightening Serum
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Perfect for tired, dry, and discolored skin. This brightening serum regenerates skin to erase age spots, acne scars, and depigmentation. Pearl powder and brightening plant extracts make fatigue and spots fade so glowing skin can push through.

30ml e 1.02Fl.oz.

After you wash your face and before you apply a moisturizer, apply this onto your skin in soft, circular motions. Use it twice a day (in the morning and evening), every day.

This serum will make your complexion glow.

The serum unlocks all of the hydrating properties in the Soin Blanc Brightening Cream. As the serum regenerates and rejuvenates skin, the Brightening Cream rehydrates and protects skin throughout the day for long lasting balance.  

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