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Body Butter - Apple F15a

Body Butter - Apple

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SKU F15a
Size 175ml / 5.95Fl.oz.
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This silky body butter is a rich, creamy, all-over body moisturizer formulated with natural and organic ingredients
Lightweight, non-tacky formula that is rich and silky.  Formulated with organic and natural oils, this moisturizer helps to balance and soften your skin. As you spread this amazing butter onto your skin, it melts at body temperature and is soaked up by your body and skin absorbs all of the vitamins, essential oils, shea butter, aloe Vera gel, witch hazel and more it has to offer. Skin is left unbelievably soft and smooth. 
This long-lasting multi use butter moisturizer is easy to spread, quickly absorbed and suitable for all skin types.
  • ORGANIC LUXURY - gentle on skin, fast absorbing, perfectly balancing and miraculously hydrating without any tackiness. This soft anti-aging butter helps protect skin from dehydration and irritation. Gently scented, long-lasting, easy spreading, non-greasy and suitable for all skin types. 

  • MOISTURIZING & HYDRATING - daily use for smoother, younger-looking skin. Provides immediate hydration, leaving skin smooth and supple. Works to strengthen the skins ability to eliminate dryness, wrinkles and signs of aging without any heavy skin feel. Long-lasting moisturizing.

  • ANTI-WRINKLE - supercharged with a blend of organic jojoba oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic oats, aloe Vera gel, essential oils, witch hazel, vitamin E and A resulting in an active yet soft and gentle moisturizer suitable for all skin types, that can be used any time throughout the day. With continued use skin appearance is improved, fine lines and wrinkles become less apparent.
Onto cleansed skin, apply in soft, circular movements. Apply cream to skin 1-2 times a day until fully absorbed.
  • Organic Hamamelis- used medicinally throughout history. Hamamelis also known as Witch Hazel extract is considered to have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal skin care benefits.

  • Vitamin E is considered to be the best anti-oxidant in the world, it helps to protect the skin from environmental aggressors such as pollution. It possess a powerful anti-inflammatory action which can help to prevent the signs of premature ageing.  

  • Organic Jojoba Oil is considered to be the best skin oil due to its structure being of similar chemical makeup to the sebum oil that our skin produces naturally. It helps reduce wrinkles and other skin conditions associated with aging and helps promote the growth of new skin cells.  
Use With
  • Exfoliating Body Scrub - This refreshing salt scrub exfoliates and cleanses the skin, leaving you feeling invigorated and revitalized. It accelerates blood circulation and leaves your skin refreshed and soft.

  • Moisture cream for multi use - This light moisturizer contains natural and organic ingredients to soften, smooth, and hydrate your skin. This Body Cream should be used on the entire body. It moisturizes and recovers the skin's elasticity and clarity.

  • Hand and Nail care treatment - A super smoothing hand and nail care treatment blended with organic sweet almond and jojoba oil. This lightly scented treatment glides on and absorbs to help protect dry or dehydrated skin. Chapped, cracked, splotchy skin resumes a softer, brighter, more evenly toned, more youthfully textured look and feel. A specially formulated cuticle therapy that softens and conditions the cuticles, giving you a well groomed contour to your nails.

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