Is charcoal the skin care wonder ingredient it’s being touted as

It used to be that the only reason you’d be seeing charcoal everywhere was because you were in an art class. Or you had children. Children get into some weird stuff. But times change and so do skin care trends and charcoal is on the brink of being the next big thing in skin care. So here’s the scoop.

How is charcoal being incorporated into skin care?

You can rest assured that at no point will you be expected to cover your face in straight charcoal. We know most of you are relieved. A select few are probably disappointed. Our apologies. Charcoal has started appearing in everything from drug store facial cleansers to facial treatments in upscale spas.  

Why charcoal?

It turns out those little black bricks are big-time detoxifiers. Oddly enough, charcoal can even be used to whiten teeth. Because of its natural detoxifying talents, it’s used to draw toxins and other gunk out of your skin. That’s why we're making a pretty safe bet about charcoal most commonly being found in cleansers, scrubs and masks. 

Do I need to incorporate charcoal into my skin care routine?

You know what we always say: if it ain’t broke, don’t expend the extra effort to break it. Translated that of course means that if your skin care routine is working for you, we wouldn’t go switching it up. While we don’t think charcoal is by any means a bad skin care ingredient, and in fact we think it’s probably pretty effective for cleaning pores, we do want to caution our beauties of an advanced age against it. You don’t want to strip your skin of the oils it needs to stay soft and firm. Instead, get your skin bright and clear with Gratiae’s AHA Cleansing and Peeling Foam for a super clean with anti-aging in mind.