Experts agree that the best facial cleansers are gentle yet effective enough to remove all the oil, dirt and make-up from the skin, without drying it out. People with oilier skins should look out for water-soluble cleansers which are fragrance-free. Those with dryer skin should opt for creamy or oil based cleansers which don’t foam as much, but also dissolve oil and make-up but leave it soft not dry. How to Cleanse the Skin Whichever type of cleanser you choose there’s a right way to go about this essential first step in your beauty regime. For really fresh tingly clean skin follow ..
As your body’s largest organ, your skin has to take a lot of abuse just because so much of it is exposed to the environment. Pollutants and UV rays from the sun can do a lot of damage, causing free radicals to wreak havoc on skin cells, collagen, and elastin. When these elements are compromised, fine lines begin to appear, skin begins to droop and sag, and brown spots pop up where you don’t want them. To add insult to injury, your diet and lifestyle can also be contributing to the formation of free radicals. Fortunately, recent research has shown that there are some elements in nature that ..
Send your skin to ‘bootcamp’
Strip back a complicated regime and turn to a clean, simple, sensitive regime for a week and you’ll soon notice the difference. Just like exercise improves your body tone and fitness, the right cocktail of skin care will do the same thing for your skin. No matter what condition your skin’s in, it will benefit from proper cleansing. How you prepare your skin for treatment is as imperative as the products you use. Wash your face morning and night. This will help shrink pores and regulate oil production, even out skin tone and prevent breakouts. It may be tempting to slip into the shee..
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Perils of Petroleum
So here’s a little bit of news: Petroleum is a liquid solution of hydrocarbons that is extracted and found in substances like gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuel. Petroleum was originally found at the bottom of oil rigs waste bins in the 1800s when substance regulations were unheard of, and if it was discovered now the same was it was then, then it would have stayed in the waste bins. This substance can be extremely dangerous to breathe in, as it can cause cancers, damage fibers of collagen and elastin in your body, and if you’re exposed to it, it’s hard to take off- you can barely even..
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Wrinkles come in many forms, but some that we all have in common are expression lines or marks. These typically start to appear around the mouth and forehead areas, since these parts of the face move the most when we make facial expressions. They are not actually true wrinkles since everyone has them and although they are not caused by aging, they do become far more noticeable over time. Keep Expressions to a Minimum In order to reduce the appearance of expression lines, try not to contort your face in certain ways. This can be difficult to do, since we are all creatures of habit, a..
For some people, success depends on some kind of ritual. Whether it’s a writer who will only work in his underwear, or a hockey team whose fans throw octopuses on the ice during a game, ritual becomes a key ingredient to achieving a goal. Sometimes rituals are based on superstition, but in the case of maintaining beautiful, youthful skin, a specific ritual is essential to achieving your beauty goals. Necessary elements of an effective beauty ritual The fundamental elements of a beauty ritual are pretty simple: cleanse, moisturize, and apply sunscreen in the morning, and cleanse and ..
Skincare for every stage in life
A good skin care regime is essential for every age in your life, as is healthy eating and exercise. As your skin changes as you get older you need to master skincare techniques to meet the challenges. Caring for skin in your 20s Skin in your 20s will be wrinkle-free and smooth, without sagging. During these years adopt a lifestyle that will keep it that way for the long term. Develop a daily skincare ritual of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, and always take your make up off before you sleep. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub or us Gratiae’s Purifying Exfoliating Facial Cleanser or R..
  The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. It must mean that spring is on its way!   As the days get longer and warmer, you’ll probably be wearing flowy skirts and cute sandals. Erase dead skin away with the Exfoliating Body Scrub. Using the Multi-Purpose Moisture Cream after you’ve exfoliated will make your legs and feet look stellar when you reach for skirts and sandals for warmer weather. If you’re going to the beach, you won’t want your skin to look and feel as rough as sand. The GRATiAE Body Butter can smooth away an un..
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