Our eyes express our emotions – they’re an important part of our personality and are the focal point of the face. That’s why as we age - bags, bulges and wrinkles are so noticeable. These aging factors, while affecting us psychologically, can also actually interfere with our vision. The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the rest of the skin on the face, and as we grow older it becomes even thinner due to the breakdown of collagen. Sun exposure, smoking and other environmental factors can speed this process up. Also, the skin around the eyes is constantly in use when we blin..
If you don’t have the time to spend in a spa but want the same pampering experience at home, Gratiae’s organic beauty products can help you recreate this. First, you simply need to get together a selection of natural organic products which are equal to or superior to those found in the most elegant of spas. Next add in some much-needed accessories including a soft terry toweling robe - and you’re nearly ready. Other things to add to the checklist include: ·         A long handled natural bristle bath brush ·     &n..
Wrinkles come in many forms, but some that we all have in common are expression lines or marks. These typically start to appear around the mouth and forehead areas, since these parts of the face move the most when we make facial expressions. They are not actually true wrinkles since everyone has them and although they are not caused by aging, they do become far more noticeable over time. Keep Expressions to a Minimum In order to reduce the appearance of expression lines, try not to contort your face in certain ways. This can be difficult to do, since we are all creatures of habit, a..
Pure Joy - Age Defying
Pure Joy fighting time starts with an excellent age defying cream In this day and age, it's a well known fact that women and men doesn't need to go under the knife just to maintain a young, fresh appearance. With today's technology and science, age defying creams have the ability to provide your skin with everything it needs in order to stay smooth and beautiful.   As famous Hollywood star and training guru Raquel Welsh once said, looking young is a combination of good genes, a healthy diet, a good plastic surgeon and a strict beauty regime. And that's where we come in. ..
Thrill and Grace: the origins of the name "Gratiae"
    Many of our costumers ask us what is the meaning of "Gratiae" - and we do admit, it may sound a bit weird for anyone who's never heard this word :) But if you think about it, Gratiae sounds a lot like a word you're quite familiar with: Grace. and it goes a long way in human history. Gratiae is actually originated from the roman mythology, where gratiae simply means "graces". it's referring to the three graces, the daughters of Zeus (or of Dionysus and Aphrodite - depending on which version you trust) and the goddesses of everything that's pure and beautiful on&..
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Whether you’re just past 30 and beginning to see the first signs of ageing in your skin, or well into your 50s, you may be thinking about how to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Some people simply give in to the battle of aging skin, believing that as we grow older - wrinkles are inevitable. More of us however want to think young, act young and look young. Demi Moore, Yasmin Le Bon and Nicole Kidman are all around the age of 50, but have faces that don’t look that much older than their teenage daughters. How can I keep the wrinkles at bay? With the advent of new technology and arm..
Gratiae’s Face Lift Facial Serum is a breakthrough product based on a secret formulation of active ingredients. These include organic flora that originate from the Sea of Galilee area in a serum which give skin an instantaneous lifting effect, transforming skin from dull, tired and saggy to radiant and refreshed in a matter of seconds. The serum helps to firm, revitalize and boost cell renewal, returning youthful contours thought long gone. Why Organic? At Gratiae, we believe in using organic ingredients in skin-care formulations since they contain optimal amounts of bioactive mater..
On a cheesy TV detective show, you might have heard the hero exclaim, “Aha! So you’re the villain who’s been pilfering the Children’s Christmas Toy Fund!”  But that use of the three letters a, h, a, is so twentieth century. Really savvy consumers now understand that the proper term is in all caps—AHA—and is an ingredient that does wonders for achieving a youthful, vibrant complexion. AHA—what it is, and what it does AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid. While you could assume that it’s some sort of synthetic concoction formulated in a lab by a mad scientist, it’s actually the term..
More and more, the cosmetics industry is doing a booming business selling products to camouflage, conceal, and enhance your appearance. While there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun with makeup, true beauty shines through your complexion. If you follow a regular regimen of skin care, you probably already have clear, healthy skin, but adding a facial mask to your routine will give your complexion that added “oomph” and bring your inner glow to the surface.  Benefits of using a facial mask Using the right type of facial mask will revitalize, stimulate, and refresh your ski..
ALL-NATURAL: it’s the buzzword of the 21st century, and it covers everything from food, to clothing, to cleaning products, and on and on. But for our purposes, let’s focus on the idea of natural or all natural skin products. Should you blindly buy a product just because the label indicates that it’s made from “natural” ingredients? Well, that all depends . . . A double edged sword Let’s face it—Nature isn’t always beautiful, and sometimes it can be downright dangerous! Think of hurricanes and rattlesnakes -they’re all products of nature, but most people prefer to keep them at a safe..
When it comes to a tendency to betray some secrets such as your age, your heredity, or how you take care of yourself, the eyes have it. Well, maybe not the eyes themselves, but the delicate skin around the eyes can certainly reveal more than you’d like them to. Those fine lines, the skin sags, the “bags” caused by fluid or fat buildup, and those raccoon circles under the eyes are all dead giveaways of things in your life that you might prefer to keep under wraps. It’s not (always) about aging We blame a lot of our beauty problems on getting older, and age does have an influence on ..
So you know all about the skin care basics: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and sun protection. But most skin care companies, Gratiae included, offer a product they call a toner. What’s that all about? Is a toner something that you should add to your skin care regimen? What does a toner do for your skin? In the old days, a toner was important for restoring the pH balance of the skin, which had been set off-kilter because of a harsh soap or cleanser. Nowadays, though, cleansers have been improved so that they don’t break down the natural acid mantle on the skin’s surface. Somet..