The bold new makeup look we dare you to try
We mostly dare you to try it so we won’t be the only ones doing it. Because you just know we’re going to do it. It shouldn’t be any sort of secret that lots of the inspiration for our everyday lives comes from Instagram and Pinterest. Where would we be without social media? More productive and less depressed over how our lives stack up with all the cool ones we see on the internet? Probably, but that’s a small price to pay for the latest and greatest beauty and hair tips. Eye shadow, reversed Eye shadow can be a tricky beast to master. When it comes down to it, we’re all sure of one..
Skin care ingredients to avoid
Yes, we know. Trying to keep track of the skin care ingredients to avoid is a lot like trying to keep track of which boyband is big with teenage girls at the moment. They’re always changing, and they’re always annoying. However, we have to make this list, and you have to read it. It’s for the sake of your health. Parabens This has been a must-avoid for a long time, and we don’t think that will ever change. Parabens are a form of preservative that are commonly used in cosmetics and hygiene products like deodorant. They are suspected to disrupt endocrine function, and while it is also..
Quick tips that can improve your complexion
We have a certain skill-set, one we don’t think we’re alone in. We’re very good at handling the major things. For instance, we can roast up a perfect turkey. But when it comes time to serve dinner? Without fail, we burn the buns, overcook the carrots, or neglect some other seemingly minor detail that brings the entire thing downhill. The small things matter. Even in skin care. Or maybe we should say especially in skin care. It’s good to get the big things right, like investing in great products and developing a careful routine, but in order to have the best complexion possible, you have..
After the party has ended…
  Last night we welcomed a new year through the world. It is goodbye 2013 and welcome 2014! But long, party, nights can have a less-than-wanted effect on our skin and may cause puffiness around the eyes and tired-looking skin.   Take good care of your post-party skin with these great tips:   1.     Drink a lot in the next few days: dehydrated skin looks dull and tired. Although coffee and other caffeine-based drinks are usually not recommended, your skin absorbs every drop of water it can get. 2.     Cleanse ..
You’ve been hearing a lot about collagen, and by now you know that it’s a significant factor in how your skin reacts to aging, sun exposure, free radicals, and so on. OK, got it. But why is it so important? And what the heck is collagen, anyway? The scoop on collagen Without dragging you down into a mire of biological and chemical jargon, let’s just say that collagen is a protein that can only be found in animals. In fact, of all the proteins in your body, collagen comprises about 30%. It’s important because it provides strength and support to your ligaments, tendons, bones, and of ..
The Sea of Galilee, or Lake Kinneret as it’s also known, is a well-known place for pilgrimage. The Sea of Galilee is Israel’s major resource for fresh water, fed by underground springs, with its main source the Jordan River. The 32 mile shoreline of the lake also attracts holidaymakers who come to enjoy boat trips, watersports, great beaches and lakeside promenades. Since ancient times the Sea of Galilee has also attracted pleasure-seekers who arrive to enjoy its natural thermo-mineral springs, with waters which aid metabolism, renew skin cells, and relieve rheumatism and many other conditi..
At Gratiae, we truly believe in the power and beauty of nature, which is why natural organic ingredients form the basis of our products. These unique formulations incorporate water from a mineral-rich spring found close to the Sea of Galilee, named ‘Gratiae’ by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, after the Three Graces of charm, beauty and fertility. The naturally therapeutic and rejuvenating properties of this mineral water have a profoundly beneficial on the skin in particular, restoring its beauty and youthfulness. Harnessing the Power of Natural Spring Water We not only use the power of ..
Gratiae’s Aromatic Multi-Purpose Moisture Cream Vanilla nourishes and protects skin, while giving it a youthful dewy appearance. It’s made from a blend of organic oils and Shea butter well known for their propensity to restore skin’s natural softness and balance. The Benefits of Using Shea Butter Shea butter is used in a wide variety of skin products, since it has a soothing, healing effect on the skin. This natural butter has long been used by native Africans to keep skin on the body and scalp healthy. It helps to treat dry skin, skin discoloration and has also been found to be ben..
People everywhere have been waiting for a way to get a facelift without having to resort to needles or surgery. It may be hard to believe, but today there are some incredible alternatives to those hardly fun procedures. Gratiae’s Face Lift Moisturizing Cream Gratiae’s Face Lift Moisturizing Cream acts quickly to nourish the skin. Using a newly developed blend of thermo-mineral water, naturally restorative flora, organic oats and oils, this new formula gives the face an amazing lifting effect. It tones the skin, boosts cell renewal and combats lines and wrinkles. As a further boost t..
Inner Beauty, Outer Glow
How we look on the outside is just as much a result of how we treat our bodies on the inside - and just like anything in life, if we want something we have to work hard to achieve it. And although not all skin is created equal, with proper nutrition and care we can all look good. A proper diet rich in nutrients and hydration will keep skin looking fresh and vital, enabling it to recover from problems in the least amount of time. It really pays off to shop around for foods that not only feed us on the inside, but leave our skin looking great. Foods to Buy For Vibrant Skin · &nbs..
  Just ask most men which aspect of their morning routine they find most annoying - and they’ll say shaving. It’s often done at the last minute just before rushing off to work, which is why nicks and razor burn are common. This happens because simply slapping on the foam and immediately shaving leaves skin with no time to soften - meaning a lot of force is required, leading to scraping the skin. Razor Burn Razor burn can result from using a blade that’s too blunt. Shaving with a dull blade will not only remove the facial hair but the top layer of skin, leaving it sensitive ..
Experts agree that the best facial cleansers are gentle yet effective enough to remove all the oil, dirt and make-up from the skin, without drying it out. People with oilier skins should look out for water-soluble cleansers which are fragrance-free. Those with dryer skin should opt for creamy or oil based cleansers which don’t foam as much, but also dissolve oil and make-up but leave it soft not dry. How to Cleanse the Skin Whichever type of cleanser you choose there’s a right way to go about this essential first step in your beauty regime. For really fresh tingly clean skin follow ..