Your hands also need a helping hand

Are you someone who takes your hands for granted, thinking that they’re not as important as your face or your figure? Well, think about it for a minute. Do you use your hands to gesture when you’re speaking? Do you wave your hands in greeting, shake hands with others to show courtesy, or hold hands with a loved one to show—love? Unless you walk around with your hands in your pockets all the time, people are going to notice your hands, and if you’re not including them in your beauty regimen, they’re going to send a message that you’re getting older, even if your face says otherwise.

Your hands vs. the world

Most people just assume that their hands get as much exposure to the elements as their face does, but that’s not really true. Take sun exposure, for instance. Most people will protect their face from sun with sunscreen, and maybe even a hat, but they won’t even think about how much their hands are being exposed to the aging, skin-damaging rays. Moisturizers and makeup often have sunscreen, but very few hand creams and lotions have any sun protection.

Besides sun exposure, hands are exposed to water, with or without soap, significantly more than other parts of the body. Washing your hands, washing vegetables, and washing the dishes take away the germs, but the also remove the skin’s protective oil mantle and dry out your hands.

Why your hands show age earlier

Just as your hands are more subject to different forms of abuse, they’re also more vulnerable because they don’t have much protection to speak of. The skin on the back of the hands is thinner than the skin on the rest of the body, including the face, and what little collagen there is tends to break down with age and sun exposure. As the collagen breaks down, the veins and bones become more prominent, which makes the aging effect even more evident.

Obviously, taking care of your hands should be just as much a part of your beauty regimen as taking care of your face. Using sunscreen on your hands will be a giant step toward protecting the collagen, but you also need to keep the skin moisturized to keep it looking plumper and fresher. Gratiae Hand and Nail Care Treatment will provide you with the perfect solution to keep your hands looking young and feeling soft. As a bonus, you’ll also begin to see stronger, healthier nails so your hand and all your fingers will send a younger message.


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