When worlds (or eras) collide

Technology is great. What would we ever do without our microwaves, our computers, our smartphones, and all those other things that make life easier and more complicated at the same time? And think about how technology has advanced the field of skin care! Or has it? Some people think that the old ways are the best ways, and others swear by all the synthetic ingredients that modern science has been able to create. But Gratiae has the most logical approach to skin care: take the best of ancient methods and combine with the best of modern science to create the ideal formula for rejuvenating skin.

The old story 

The core of the Gratiae formula is built around an ingredient that dates back to the 2nd century. This was the era when a hidden spring was discovered by the Roman emperor of the time, Hadrian. The source of the spring was located 2000 meters below the surface of the earth, and for this reason the water had reached a temperature of 125 degrees when it emerged at the surface, rich in therapeutic minerals and trace elements. When combined with certain plants and fruits from the same area, the result is a formula that rejuvenates skin and brings out its natural radiance.

A new chapter

Fast forward to the 21st century, and we see that Gratiae has adopted the ancient wisdom of using natural thermal spring water and organic botanicals, and developed it into a spa-quality formula for modern consumers to use conveniently in their own homes. But instead of using chemicals or modern synthetics that can be absorbed into the bloodstream and possibly create adverse side effects, Gratiae maintains a policy of using pure, organic ingredients that centuries of evidence have shown to have dramatic effects when used on the skin. As a result, all of the products such as Gratiaeā€™s Moisturizing Renewal Cream will make your skin younger, fresher, and healthier, as if you have taken your own trip back in time.