When it comes to men’s skin, neglect is not an option

Historically, men haven’t always gone for the smooth, clean-shaven look. Facial hair was the predominant style for centuries, and who knows how—or why—some ancient guy got the idea to pick up something sharp and scrape all the hair off his face. Maybe he thought all that facial hair was too hot, or it got in the way when he was eating. Or maybe he wanted to recapture his boyish good looks. In any case, shaving became a daily ritual for all men who didn’t go for the hairy face look, and today’s man still follows that ritual, complaining all the way.

Proper shaving techniques

One of the problems that may accompany a close shave is razor bumps. These are those annoying little bumps at skin level that can get irritated and red, or even infected and filled with pus. They’re caused when a whisker curls over and grows back into the skin. Your beard has the coarsest hair of all the hair on your body, and cutting it not only creates a sharp point, but it also begins the curling process as it continues to grow.

To reduce the potential for these in-grown hairs, or razor bumps, there are a few tricks you can use when you shave. First, eliminate friction as much as possible by making sure your face and beard are saturated. One good way to do this is by shaving in the shower, using a highly lubricating gel or cream. Many skin experts also recommend a manual razor over an electric shaver, and using a single blade is best for avoiding in-grown hairs. All those fancy multi-blade razors are at the cutting edge of technology, and they do give you a close shave, but this closeness can actually cause the hair to begin curling below the skin level, and you have an ingrown hair before it even had a chance to be an outgrown hair. You should also shave in the direction the hair is growing, rather than against the growth. Pulling the hairs backward will just encourage them to rebound, and that may start the curling/burrowing action that leads to razor bumps.

Complete skin care for men

Many men think that the few minutes a day they spend with their razor is all they need to invest in caring for their skin, but they are sadly mistaken. Too many men neglect their skin, and the result is a loss of skin vitality, tone, and texture. It is equally important for men, just as it is for women, to spend time cleansing, nourishing, and moisturizing their skin. That’s why Gratiae has a line of skin care products just for men: the complete set includes the nourishing cream, the facial cleanser, and the Refreshing Moisturizing Gel. All of these products use Gratiae’s organic approach to give men that healthy, bright look in a very manly way.


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