The thermal approach to radiant skin

Who doesn’t love that warm glow you feel at the end of a romantic movie with a satisfying outcome? Or the warm glow from a cozy fireplace, accented with a cup of hot chocolate with melting marshmallows floating on top? How about the warm glow that fills a room that is lit only by candles? There are all kinds of ways to give yourself a warm glow, but have you ever thought about what a warm glow can do for your complexion?

Warmth as a skin rejuvenator

One of the popular treatments at spas these days is the application of heat to the skin, combined with massage, to open pores, stimulate circulation, and oxygenate the skin cells. These actions lead to a rejuvenation of the skin by allowing the pores to be deeply cleansed and revitalizing the cells so that their natural plumpness is restored. In addition, it is also believed that collagen production is enhanced so that you see a reduction of expression lines and better texture and elasticity of the skin. Since the warmth tends to affect deeper layers of skin, you may also see an improvement in the appearance of scars.

 Spa treatment at home

Of course, it would be nice to be able to pamper yourself at a spa on a regular basis, but not everybody can spare the time for this indulgence. Gratiae understands this, so you can enjoy spa-quality skin care products in the comfort of your own home. The Ultrox Expression Marks Thermal Self Heating Mask delivers the same benefits of the spa thermal treatments in a cream that heats up as soon as it touches your damp skin. As you gently massage the mask over your face, you’ll feel the warmth sinking in as excess oils, dirt, and dead skin cells are removed and rinsed away once the mask has done its work. Your face is left feeling intensely clean and ready to absorb the Anti-Wrinkle Serum and Cream. With a system like this, age doesn’t stand a fighting chance against your skin, and you’ll be left with the warm glow of happiness.


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