Anti aging
Whether you’re just past 30 and beginning to see the first signs of ageing in your skin, or well into your 50s, you may be thinking about how to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Some people simply give in to the battle of aging skin, believing that as we grow older - wrinkles are inevitable. More of us however want to think young, act young and look young. Demi Moore, Yasmin Le Bon and Nicole Kidman are all around the age of 50, but have faces that don’t look that much older than their teenage daughters. How can I keep the wrinkles at bay? With the advent of new technology and arm..
The oil that isn’t an oil
  Jojoba is a funny name, and if you don’t know better, you might not say it right. The J is actually pronounced with an H sound, so you sort of laugh like Santa Claus—Ho Ho—then say Bah, like Ebenezer Scrooge. It’s a bit of a clash of traditional Christmas sentiments, when you think about it. But Jojoba is more than a funny name; jojoba oil is an ingredient in many Gratiae products, and for lots of very good reasons.   The wonder of jojoba oil   So jojoba oil is a product of seeds from the jojoba tree, but the actual truth is that it isn’t really an oil a..
Gratiae’s Face Lift Facial Serum is a breakthrough product based on a secret formulation of active ingredients. These include organic flora that originate from the Sea of Galilee area in a serum which give skin an instantaneous lifting effect, transforming skin from dull, tired and saggy to radiant and refreshed in a matter of seconds. The serum helps to firm, revitalize and boost cell renewal, returning youthful contours thought long gone. Why Organic? At Gratiae, we believe in using organic ingredients in skin-care formulations since they contain optimal amounts of bioactive mater..
The thermal approach to radiant skin
Who doesn’t love that warm glow you feel at the end of a romantic movie with a satisfying outcome? Or the warm glow from a cozy fireplace, accented with a cup of hot chocolate with melting marshmallows floating on top? How about the warm glow that fills a room that is lit only by candles? There are all kinds of ways to give yourself a warm glow, but have you ever thought about what a warm glow can do for your complexion? Warmth as a skin rejuvenator One of the popular treatments at spas these days is the application of heat to the skin, combined with massage, to open pores, stimulat..
Nowadays it’s the norm for men to look after their skin too - gone are the days when they would frown at the idea of slapping on moisturizer or prepping with shaving gel or cleanser. We have entered the era of ‘metrosexual man’ and the awareness that they also get wrinkles, dry skin and clogged pores – problems which can be tackled with a good skin care regime. The Ideal Skincare Regime for Men The ideal man’s skincare routine can be summarized into three easy steps: cleanse, shave and moisturize (shaving obviously being an optional step depending on the required look). · &..
Three Graces--the legend behind the legendary
Ancient civilizations—Greeks and Romans in particular--were known for being especially creative when it came to explaining natural phenomena such as the seasons, thunderstorms, the sun and the moon, and even love. According to stories from these cultures, everything that happened could be attributed to, or blamed on, an assemblage of major and minor gods and goddesses. Who’s their daddy? Each mythological deity had control on a specific element of Nature, but Jupiter was the head guy, according to the Romans. He was very powerful, but not always morally perfect, and he “begat” three..
Thrill and Grace: the origins of the name "Gratiae"
    Many of our costumers ask us what is the meaning of "Gratiae" - and we do admit, it may sound a bit weird for anyone who's never heard this word :) But if you think about it, Gratiae sounds a lot like a word you're quite familiar with: Grace. and it goes a long way in human history. Gratiae is actually originated from the roman mythology, where gratiae simply means "graces". it's referring to the three graces, the daughters of Zeus (or of Dionysus and Aphrodite - depending on which version you trust) and the goddesses of everything that's pure and beautiful on&..
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Ever wondered why it’s hard to get strong healthy nails? It’s because nails aren’t alive – living tissue can repair itself, and it can do so without any help from us. Despite the fact nails are not alive they grow, or so we think. In fact they don’t actually grow - they appear to when new cells develop under the cuticles pushing out the older dead ones. That’s what forms those hard, flat surfaces we love to pamper and polish. How to Keep Nails Looking Their Best Ways to keep our nails looking their best include moisturizing them daily, since dry nails are prone to brittleness, crack..
When it comes to men’s skin, neglect is not an option
Historically, men haven’t always gone for the smooth, clean-shaven look. Facial hair was the predominant style for centuries, and who knows how—or why—some ancient guy got the idea to pick up something sharp and scrape all the hair off his face. Maybe he thought all that facial hair was too hot, or it got in the way when he was eating. Or maybe he wanted to recapture his boyish good looks. In any case, shaving became a daily ritual for all men who didn’t go for the hairy face look, and today’s man still follows that ritual, complaining all the way. Proper shaving techniques One of t..
Pure Joy - Age Defying
Pure Joy fighting time starts with an excellent age defying cream In this day and age, it's a well known fact that women and men doesn't need to go under the knife just to maintain a young, fresh appearance. With today's technology and science, age defying creams have the ability to provide your skin with everything it needs in order to stay smooth and beautiful.   As famous Hollywood star and training guru Raquel Welsh once said, looking young is a combination of good genes, a healthy diet, a good plastic surgeon and a strict beauty regime. And that's where we come in. ..