Restoration Rosa Negra Oxygen Defense Cellular Complete Treatment
Restoration Rosa Negra Oxygen Defense Cellular Complete Treatment
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The complete Rosa Negra skin care treatment supplying all needed active ingredients for the face and in eyes in one collection. The key component in this line is the rose of Jericho providing the skin hydration combined with oxygen, vitamin A and E leaving skin clean, firm, conditioned, and smooth.   
The full treatment includes:

A transforming night mask that acts as 2 in 1, as it transforms into a night cream that exfoliates, firms, and hydrates the skin while at rest. 
A cellular nectar that assists the skin by providing it oxygen and protection from daily conditions that skin is revealed to. 
An incredible cellular enhancer which assists the skin by combating premature aging and protecting skin from environmental damages.
An eye elixir mask which instantly corrects the skin of the eyes delivering them a firm, tight, and youthful appearance.  
A cellular eye cream that encourages blood circulation activity and oxygen to the eyes while providing protection from pollution. 
A cellular lift that does wonders to the eyes by providing an immediate effect to wrinkles, puffiness, fine lines and dark circles leaving skin firm, lifted and younger looking. 

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