The Complete Age Defying Collection Kit
The Complete Age Defying Collection Kit
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Enjoy the complete Age Defying collection at a special discounted price.

Age Defying Instant 60 Seconds Express Correct (50ml/1.7Fl.oz)

Instant, dramatic, game-changing results. This emulsion works in seconds to lift, tighten, and smooth fine lines and wrinkle. As oat kernel extract instantly tightens, the elements in the express correct help to maintain the appearance of skin for the hours after application.

Age Defying Treatment Mask (50ml/1.7Fl.oz)

This mask was made possible with advanced cosmetic research and organic botanicals. The unique Age Defying Treatment contains encapsulated active ingredients that release illuminating ingredients that improve skin tone and texture. As you massage the mask into skin, watch as the capsules break and react to change colors and transform your complexion.

Age Defying Eye Treatment Care Cream (30ml/1.02Fl.oz)

An invigorating eye cream that alleviates the burden of dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. Sweet almond oil delivers an ongoing boost of firmness around the eye contour while peony extract awakens the area around the eye. Fatigue wanes away and eyes appear visibly younger and brighter.

Age Defying Eye Treatment Fluid (175ml/5.95Fl.oz)

Soft, gentle, and refreshing, this eye fluid works to alleviate the eye area from dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. Peony extract enlightens the area and delivers a boost of energy to counteract signs of aging and fatigue while sweet almond oil softens and firms the contour around the eye. The results is a revelation of brighter, alive eyes. 

Age Defying Instant 60 Seconds Express Correct

Gently tap a small amount onto the area of concern and then finish the application with one brisk stroke. For the next 60 seconds, keep your face completely still and free of any expression so the express correct has time to fortify the area.

Age Defying Treatment Mask

Use this mask 2-3 times a week. Massage the mask in soft, circular motions as the mask changes colors. Once the color transformation stops, leave the mask still and let it sit for 5 minutes. Once time is up. Rinse your skin and pat it dry.

Age Defying Eye Treatment Care Cream

Take a pea-sized amount of the cream with your ring finger and gently pat it onto the eye contour. Precede the cream with the Age Defying Eye Treatment Fluid for the best results.

Age Defying Eye Treatment Fluid

Take two drops of the eye fluid onto your ring finger and gently tap it onto the eye contour. For best results, follow it up with the care cream. 

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